Gonzalo Cano

3D Modeler

My senior project at DigiPen.

My team was tasked with the creation of the intro cinematic for the game a fellow student game was developping, Relic.

From the concept for our character, I created our own unique model. We worked very closely with the story writers to develop a compelling cinematic, but kept our scenes out of the game environment so the process was complete.

My job covered a bit of everything: modeling and texturing, VFX, some mecanical animation, lighting, rendering, and producing.

In case you are interested, you can find the game in the DigiPen gallery here.

  • Relic_Statuette
  • relic__5_20150910_1602300727
  • relic__2_20150910_1272608461
  • relic__3_20150910_1502955992
  • relic__1_20150910_1782281726
  • relic__4_20150910_1669096713